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One of those…

A friend asked me a few months ago if I was gonna become “one of those” non-drinkers.

One of those?

She explained that sometimes when people quit drinking they turn into one of those non-drinking freaks…they won’t go to bars or be around people who are drinking. 

At the time I thought…well…maybe I will…I don’t know.

A year ago, I didn’t want to go near bars or drinking or parties. It was just too difficult. As time has passed and I have gained confidence as a sober person I don’t mind being in bars or around other people who have been drinking. But I have tried really hard not to become “one of those” kind of people.

Um…last weekend I figured out I am kind of becoming one of those people.

Let me begin by making a factual statement about drunk people.

Drunks…you are sloppy, your words do not connect into actual sentences, you step significantly past the acceptable amount of personal space into the space of others. Your breath is a bit stinky, sometimes you are sweaty, you often spill things, and your voice is much, much louder than it needs to be. (I am right here next to you…take it down a notch.) Oh…and you often blurt things you shouldn’t share in a group setting. It’s ok…no one will remember it anyway.


I’ll remember.

Cause I am sober. 

And I cannot stand to be around you at all.


It’s true.

I have turned into “one of those” kind of people.

Let’s be honest…people who have had a few drinks are funny…sweet…loving often…

But then you have just one too many and you turn ugly drunk.

The next day you will say, “Man I got so drunk last night.”

Yep. Yes you did.

And I don’t care to see it. I’d rather go home, put my jammies on…have a cup of tea and chill out. 

I might respond to your Facebook status in the morning when you mention how hungover you are. I will still love you. I don’t think I am judging you. I really don’t.

I just don’t want to share space with you when you get all drunky drunk like that. 

It’s really not about drunks pushing me to drink. It’s not about judgement.

It is, however, me not wanting to be around drunk people…I would rather go home and go to bed. If that’s makes me “one of those” people, then yes, I guess I am.

Is that so wrong?


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